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Issue 1


Needle-Perc-Assisted Endoscopic Surgery for Patients with Complex Renal Stones: Technique and Outcomes

Video: The stones were fragmented or dusted using a holmium laser through the needle-perc, and the small stone fragments could be easily washed out through the ureter access sheath with antegrade irrigation.

Overactive Bladder (OAB): A Failed Concept Needing Revision to Accommodate an External Anatomical Control System

Video: Abstract-OAB/DO is mainly caused by anatomical damage to an external binary control system.


Issue 4

The clinical efficacy of novel vacuum suction ureteroscopic lithotripsy in the treatment of upper ureteral calculi

Video: The vacuum suction ureteroscopic lithotripsy. The working sheath was placed near the stone under direct vision by the guidance of the standard endoscope. 200-μm holmium laser fiber was inserted into ureterscope for lithotripsy. Stone fragments were flushed out by vacuum suction. The working sheath was withdrawn under direct vision to check the injury to ureter wall.

Two Stage Laparoscopic Assisted Fowler-Stephens Orchidopexy

Video: Identification of the testis, the configuration of the vas and vessels and their relation to the internal ring.

Issue 3

Anuria Evaluation

Video 1: A normal kidney in the long axis is shown with the cortex, medullary pyramid, and renal sinus labeled. There is no evidence of hydronephrosis as there are no discrete pockets of anechoic fluid in the kidney.

Video 2: Anechoic fluid collects within the pelvicalyceal system. Progressive distortion of the renal structures characterizes the degree of hydronephrosis. The degree is measured by dilation of the renal sinus (mild), then obscuration of the renal papillae and blunting of the pyramids (moderate), and finally to include cortical thinning (severe). Here, moderate hydronephrosis is seen with a dilated renal pelvis.

Robot-Assisted Orthotopic “W” Ileal Neobladder in Male Patients: Step-by-Step Video-Illustrated Technique and Preliminary Outcomes

Video: Step-by-step video-illustrated technique for robot-assisted orthotopic “W” ileal neobladder formation.


Issue 2

Management of Distal Ureter in Nephroureterectomy—Controversies

Video : Ureteroscopic resection using the Wolf rigid uretero-resectoscope


Video : The hyperechoic areas represent tiny radioactive titanium seeds placed in the bladder to treat cancer. This bladder also has a very large diverticulum that looks about the same size as the bladder. Video courtesy of Carlo Canepa

Staged male genital reconstruction with a local flap and free oral graft: a case report and literature review

Additional file 5. Urination:The video demonstrate a normal voiding without any complications.

Issue 1

A laparoscopic technique for excision of retropubic midurethral sling arms eroding into the bladder

A laparoscopic technique for excision of midurethral polypropylene slings eroding into the bladder that can be used for excision of an eroding sling from the intramucosal and intradetrusor portions of the bladder wall.

Ho:YAG laser lithotripsy in non-contact mode: optimization of fiber to stone working distance to improve ablation efficiency

For Ho:YAG laser lithotripsy, ablation volume increases in non-contact mode using long pulses, rather than in direct contact to the stone.

The evolution of the cavitation bubble for a long and short pulse is displayed. A long pulse trigger produced a pear-shaped smaller and shorter bubble, characterized by a chaotic multiple bubble stream, each locally enlarging and collapsing apart from the other bubbles.

Burch colposuspension

Video showing an open Burch colposuspension

An illustrative example demonstrating a robotic Burch colposuspension


Issue 4

Cutting Edge Urology - Issue 4

A novel combined transurethral and suprapubic approach for excision of mesh at the bladder neck – Electronic Supplementary Material 1 (ESM1)

Green-laser assisted laparoscopic partial cystectomy for selective muscle-invasive bladder cancer: technique and initial outcome – Supplementary material 1

Issue 3

Three horse shoe-like incision” holmium laser enucleation of the prostate: first experience with a novel en bloc technique for anatomic transurethral prostatectomy

Three horseshoe-like incision PDF

Laparoscopic retroperitoneal approach for retrocaval ureter in children


Purple urine bag syndrome in benign prostatic hyperplasia patient

Issue 2

Laparoscopic vesico-ureteral reimplantation with Lich–Gregoir approach in children: medium term results of 159 renal units in 117 children – Supplementary material 1

Long-term outcomes of ultrasound-guided percutaneous nephrolithotomy in patients with solitary kidneys: a single-center experience – Supplementary material 1

To Dust or Not To Dust: a Systematic Review of Ureteroscopic Laser Lithotripsy Techniques – Video 1 : Dusting vs. Cracking

Cystoscopic ureteral stent placement: techniques and tips – ESM 1

Issue 1

Technical Innovations to Optimize Early Return of Urinary Continence

Video 1: MULP technique for early return of continence
Video 2: Optimizing continence with MULP and classic Van Velthoven anastomosis
Video 3: Distal ureteral tumor

Instruments for Upper Tract Biopsy and Treatment

Video 1: This video clip shows endoscopy, biopsy followed by laser ablation of the base of tumor
Video 2: This clip shows a small renal lesion biopsy and ablation


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Cutting Edge Urology - 2018, Issue 1

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Cutting Edge Urology - 2018, Issue 1

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Cutting Edge Urology - 2018, Issue 1

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Cutting Edge Urology - 2018, Issue 1

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