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How to use MedEngine Collections

New visitors

If this is your first time to the Collection, you will have to your voucher code to gain access to the content. Once you have entered the code, you will be propted to register your details or login if you have already registered in the past. This information is collected in order to comply with the Sunshine Act and will only be shared for this purpose and in applicable territories.

Step one: Enter voucher code below

Step two: You will be taken to the login/registration form

Step three: enter your details into the form

Step four: choose a password, and enter it twice into the form

Step five: you will now be given access to the Collection.

Please make a note of your password, so you can enter it next time you visit.

Revisiting the Collection

If you log out of the collection, or visit it on a different computer, you will have to re enter your voucher code and log back in to view the collection. The process is simple:

Step one: Enter voucher code

Step two: Click ‘login’ at the bottom of the registration form

The system should remember your login for the next visit and all you will need to do is enter the voucher code to gain direct access.

Using the Collection

Upon accessing the collection, you will be able to see all the information which have been provided for you.

Assistance in using the collection

Should you encounter any problems when using the collection, please contact your sales representative.

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