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Clinical Electroencephalography – 2. Epilessia nell’adulto

Clinical Electroencephalography 2. Epilessia nell’adulto Editor(s): Oriano MecarelliCopyright: © 2020 Springer Healthcare Italia S.r.l. By accessing this ePrint you agree to our terms and conditions By accessing this content you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, and certifying that the content provided is for your personal use only. The modification, adaptation, manipulation, transformation,…

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A Clinician’s Approach to Neurological Disorders

Section 4: Neuro-otology and neurocritical care Head-impulse test: a useful bedside tool in vertigo diagnosis Section 7: Movement disorders Two cases of young onset abnormal movements with neuro-psychiatric disorder and supranuclear gaze palsy Tardive status dystonicus-a rare movement disorder emergency Dopa responsive dystonia, a kindred report with a novel GCH1 gene mutation Disclaimer These videos…

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