Stroke Revisited: Pathophysiology of Stroke

From Bench to Bedside

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Stroke Revisited: Pathophysiology of Stroke

From Bench to Bedside

Table of Contents

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Part I Introduction on Stroke

1 General Facts of Stroke

Chan-Hyuk Lee and Seung-Hoon Lee

2 Cerebral Vascular Anatomy

Hyoung Soo Byoun and Gyojun Hwang

Part II Clinical Science: Large Artery Atherothrombosis

3 Concept of Large Artery and Small Vessel

Seung-Hoon Lee

4 Pathophysiology of Large-Artery Atherosclerosis

Seung-Hoon Lee

5 Pathophysiology of Stroke Resulting from Large-Artery Atherothrombosis

Jae Guk Kim and Soo Joo Lee

Part III Clinical Science: Small Vessel Disease

6 Cerebral Small Vessel Disease

Seung-Hoon Lee

7 Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: Emerging Evidence for Novel Pathophysiology and Pathogenesis

Masahito Yamada, Kenji Sakai, Tsuyoshi Hamaguchi, and Moeko Noguchi-Shinohara

8 Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy with Subcortical Ischemic Strokes and Leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL)

Yerim Kim

Part IV Clinical Science: Cardioembolism

9 Pathophysiology of Cardioembolism

Chan-Hyuk Lee

10 Atrial Fibrillation and Other Cardiac Dysfunctions Related with Stroke

Woo-Keun Seo

Part V Clinical Science: Pathophysiology of Specific Causes

11 Cerebral Vessel Wall Diseases

Keun-Hwa Jung

12 Hemorrheologic Disease

Min Kyoung Kang

13 Paradoxical Embolic Stroke

Jinkwon Kim

14 Hemorrhagic Diseases

Wonhyoung Park, Jaewoo Chung, Yeongu Chung, Jung Min Lee, and Jae Sung Ahn

Part VI Brain Hemodynamics

15 Brain Hemodynamics

Nathan Gaines and David S. Liebeskind

Part VII Basic Aspect: Cell Death and Neurorepair

16 Pathophysiology of Neuronal Cell Death After Stroke

Toru Yamashita and Koji Abe

17 Emerging Mechanism of Cell Death Caused by Stroke: A Role of Neurovascular Unit

Ryo Ohtomo and Ken Arai

18 Basic Aspect: Neurorepair After Stroke

Margherita Zamboni, Jens Magnusson, and Jonas Frisén

19 Mechanism of Recovery After Stroke

Seong-Ho Koh

20 Neurorepair Strategies After Stroke

Chuansheng Zhao and Jukka Jolkkonen