Nature Reviews Rheumatology

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Nature Reviews Rheumatology

Issue 1

Table of contents


Immunogenicity of biologic agents in rheumatology

Vibeke Strand, Joao Goncalves and John D. Isaacs

Why remission is not enough: underlying disease mechanisms in RA that prevent cure

Georg Schett, Yoshiya Tanaka and John D. Isaacs


Key opinion leaders — a critical perspective

Jose U. Scher and Georg Schett

The impact of COVID-19 on rare and complex connective tissue diseases: the experience of ERN ReCONNET

Rosaria Talarico et al.


Removing barriers and disparities in health: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

Emily Sirotich and Jonathan S. Hausmann

Research Highlights

EXERCISE Exercise exerts anti-inflammatory effects on muscle via the JAK–STAT pathway

OSTEOARTHRITIS Targeting the EGFR pathway shows promise for OA

GENETICS New insights into RA genetics from GWAS meta-analysis

IMMUNOMETABOLISM Metabolic defect causes invasive phenotype in RA T􀁼cells

PHARMACOLOGY Gut microbiome could predict drug response in RA

OSTEOARTHRITIS Adipose tissue triggers OA

AUTOIMMUNITY Getting to the root of the anti- inflammatory effects of ginger ​

News & Views

AUTOIMMUNITY Unravelling the complex genetic regulation of immune cells    Paula S.Ramos

TARGETED THERAPIES JAK inhibitors and VTE risk: how concerned should we be?    Stanley B.Cohen

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