Nature Reviews Cancer

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Nature Reviews Cancer

Issue 1

Table of contents


Advances in bladder cancer biology and therapy

Linda Tran, Jin-Fen Xiao, Neeraj Agarwal, Jason E. Duex and Dan Theodorescu

Targeting FAK in anticancer combination therapies

John C. Dawson, Alan Serrels, Dwayne G. Stupack, David D. Schlaepfer and Margaret C. Frame


Linking EMT programmes to normal and neoplastic epithelial stem cells

Arthur W. Lambert and Robert A. Weinberg

Research Highlights

CANCER THERAPY Bispecifics target cancers’ most wanted IN BRIEF Breast cancer | Leukaemia

GLIOBLASTOMA EGFR is going circular

World View

Impact of COVID-19 on in vivo work and patient sample availability for cancer research

Eoghan J. Mulholland

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